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Pu Dong Law Office is one of the leading law firms based in Shanghai, established to meet the needs of developing and opening
Shanghai Municipality and the Pu Dong New Area. The lawyers of this office are selected from different law offices with special
expertise and are guided by the principles of quality and cooperation. They are determined to pave a new road of legal service
for the development and construction of Shanghai Municipality and the Pu Dong New Area. 
Facing the changes in the new situation of reforming and opening to the outside world, the lawyers of this office are in the position
 of providing prompt and efficient service to both foreign and Chinese clients. Pu Dong Law Office places the utmost importance on
the concerns of clients and the protection of their legitimate rights and interests.
Pu Dong Law Office sincerely thanks the supporters from all circles. They are fully confident that their hard working and excellent service
will not fall short of their clients¡¯ expectations and be regarded as the best response to the great concern and valuable support from
their clients.

Security Affairs
Attorneys in this practice area are primarily involved in restructuring of state owned and foreign invested enterprises, new issue or rights issue of shares (including A¡¢B¡¢H¡¢N  shares), providing legal opinions in connection with the properties located in P.R.C for listed companies of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, issuing and trading of derivative securities, etc.
Banking Affairs
Attorneys in this practice area are mainly involved in negotiation and providing legal  documents in financial services, including syndicate loan agreements, guarantee agreements, mortgage agreements and export credit agreements.   
International Investment Affairs  
Attorneys in this practice area are primarily involved in business negotiations and transactions, between Chinese and foreign parties, concerning wholly foreign owned, equity joint venture, contractual joint venture enterprises and enterprises without foreign investment, covering a broad range of matters including industrial, manufacturing, real estate and other activities.  The Office¡¯s domestic and foreign clients can be represented by our lawyers in Chinese courts at all levels or before any arbitral bodies. While acting as a permanent retainer, our attorneys are always ready to give general legal advice to the clients whenever it is necessary. 
International Commercial and Trade Affairs 
Attorneys in this area are primarily involved in transitional trade of goods, transfer of industrial properties and license of know-how technology etc., drafting and review of legal documents in this regard, attending business negotiations, presenting on clients¡¯ behalf before conciliation meeting, arbitration committee and court at all level in connection with disputes arising out of international Commercial trade transactions (including international payment¡¢transportation¡¢damage claims and bill and etc.), while acting as a permanent retainer, our attorneys are ready to provide the full range of professional services in this connection.
Corporate Affairs 
Attorneys in this area are mainly involved in establishment, reconstruction, share transfer, merger and acquisition, liquidation and dissolution of companies with foreign investment and state owned enterprises, providing professional services for daily operation, including internal and external affairs, representing both domestic and foreign companies before Chinese courts at all level or arbitral bodies concerning any dispute arising out all kinds of investments.
Admiralty and Maritime Affairs   
Attorneys in this area are extensively involved in all manner of maritime litigation including hull and cargo cases, charter party disputes, personal injury claims, general average and limitation of liability. Major shipping companies, shipyards and maritime transportation  authorities get routine consultation from our attorneys on retainer.
Employment and HR Management Affairs 
Attorneys in this practice area mainly focused on providing consultant service to various foreign invested enterprises like acting as their employment law consultant, to assist them draft employment contract\service agreement and other related employment related disciplinary rules and system. And we also help the clients to successfully consolidate the experiences from their parent companies and make sure their local practice in the HR and employment management area is fully complied with the PRC laws and regulations. Our lawyers actively participated the consultancy work on the draft of the Employment Contract Law and have been involved in giving presentations on employment contract law and labor law on various well-known medias.
Civil Affairs With Foreign Elements
Clients of this practice are mainly overseas Chinese, Chinese descents with foreign citizenship, compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreigners.  The Office provides the full range of services to the clients in cases of divorce, inheritance of property, trust and trade, etc.  The Office handles suits involving general commercial and property disputes.  The Office also acts as counsel to companies, enterprises organizations and individual clients as retainers.


The following are the summary for your reference of the legal services provided by us to the FIEs:


1.  Purchase and Sale of Raw Materials and Products
We mainly draft or review Purchase Agreements, Long Term Supply Agreements, Sales Contracts and Distribution Contracts, etc. for the FIEs according to their specific requirements.

When disputes arise from the performance of these contracts (such as the defaults in payment or disputes on product quality, etc.), we can contact the relevant parties on behalf of the FIEs, if requested, and try to resolve the problems promptly and effectively.


2.  Labour Management
We can help draft or review Labor Contracts, Collective Labor Contracts (if necessary) and Employee Overseas Training Contracts, provide legal advice on issues relating to three funds, housing subsidies, housing construction bond and old-age pension. We may also help the FIEs to formulate and establish their own systems of rewards and penalties and make sure that the systems are efficient and in conformity with PRC laws. If the FIEs intend to make loans to employees for house purchase, we can also draft loan agreements and mortgage agreements and handle the registration procedures. Further, we can act for the FIEs in arbitration or litigation when these FIEs are involved in labor disputes with their employees.


3.  Trademarks
We can take all the required formalities by law for the FIEs to apply for the registration, the assignment or alteration of trademarks, the modification of the name or address of such registration and so on.

If there is any infringement by any third party in the way of using trademarks similar to those of the FIEs, we can prepare and issue formal letters to the infringers and demand them to stop the infringement as soon as possible and contact the infringers directly, finding out ways to solve the problem so as to protect the rights of the FIEs.


4.  Taxes
We advise on various matters in connection with taxes involved in all kinds of dealings and daily-business of the FIEs.


5.  Lease, Pre-sale and Purchase of Properties
We can draft and review leasing contracts including the lease for standard factory buildings for the FIEs and for properties for residential purpose for foreign employees. We may also handle pre-sale and purchase dealings of properties for the FIEs and help investigate the title to and ownership of relevant properties.


6.  Project Construction
Advising on the construction work for factory buildings and other properties of the FIEs, including issues relating to inviting bids, bidding, contracting, sub-contracting, etc.


7. Corporation Strategy
Advising on the efficient implementation of the global strategies of parent corporations of the FIEs in the PRC. We may also help parent corporations to establish holding companies in the PRC when necessary.


8.  Reconstruction of Shares of the FIEs
We help the FIEs in restructuring the FIEs under the PRC laws and regulations, drafting shares transfer agreements, JV contracts and articles of association, advising on various problems they may arise in the process.


9.  Project Finance Arrangement
Reviewing project finance agreements and other related documents and providing formal legal opinions in connection thereon and helping FIEs to attend foreign debt registration procedures.


10. Arbitration and Litigation
We act for the FIEs in arbitration, litigation and in other commercial negotiations which are in need of attorney¡¯s participation, contact and discussion with relevant government authorities, clarify the latest policies and practice of the implementation of relevant laws and regulations and provide legal opinions on the above basis for the FIEs¡¯ operational decision.


In addition to the above, we may also act for the FIEs as the legal consultant under the retainer agreements. We make no additional charges under the retainer agreements for legal services we offer except for participations in project negotiations, litigations and arbitrations. 




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